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What To Avoid When Selling To A Cash Home Buyer

Sell Your House Fast for Cash

Please use the checklist we provide below when on the phone with a fast or cash house buying company or investor. It will protect you and give you maximum control of the conversation.

If you control the script then you’ll control the deal and get the best possible value for your home!

Below you’ll find a mixture of probing questions, insider secrets and expert advice to stay a step ahead and make a win-win deal with a cash home buyer. And that all-important script to use when they call you.

Beware! Fast home buyers may try high-pressure tactics on you. Armed with this info though you can turn the tables and get the best price for your home even if you need to sell urgently.

Knowledge is power. Please read every line below carefully. If you can’t wait to jump to the CHECKLIST itself that’s later in this report but we recommend you get the full picture first.

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Homeowner tips

How does Home Sale Hardy know this stuff?

We’ve been forensically researching fast home buying companies for a few years now. And our in-depth, detective-style independent reviews have 17 checkpoints. You can find our comparison of the top USA cash home buyers HERE.

We never take the fast home buying companies’ word for anything but audit, re-check and verify for weeks on end using online research, company data, anonymous phone calls and more. In doing this work we’ve seen it all!

Rest assured that if you use our reports and online tools or contact us for help, you’ll be better informed than 99% of people who deal with cash buying companies or investors.


Home Sale Hardy is a review-based website. We don’t buy homes. We just review companies that buy homes and act as an introducer to a few of the solid ones. That’s it.

Our website was launched because we were fed up with all of the incorrect data and biased ‘advice’ and misinformation that were plaguing the internet when it comes to America’s fast home buying companies.

We decided to take things into our own hands to offer objective information and help people navigate the stressful process of selling their property fast.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get you prepared and well-informed to deal with these companies!

How Do Cash Buyers Operate?

Let’s be clear about one thing. They’re definitely not charities! They’ll try to buy your home for as little as possible and under the true market value.

To some extent, this is fair enough. You may have no choice but to sell as fast as possible for a number of reasons. It may be due to divorce, the threat of repossession, the death of parents or real estate that’s hard to sell the normal way. So it’s OK if they make a fair profit and both parties get what they want. 

What’s not OK are some of the tactics they can use. Here are a few examples:

Selling To A Cash Home Buyer
  • Bait and Switch. This is where a fast home buyer might make you a supposedly fair offer. It’s not full value but close enough to entice you to accept – the ‘bait’. After they tie you into a contract to stop you from going elsewhere, they’ll delay and list your home with online realtors. So they have ‘switched’ you over into a slower sale than you expected getting far below true market value for your precious home!
  • Buying Home Sight Unseen – Red Flag. A legitimate cash buyer will almost always want to see the property in person or conduct a thorough inspection before finalizing the purchase. If a buyer is willing to buy the home “sight unseen,” it could be a red flag indicating a potential scam. This tactic is often used by people who are not genuinely interested in buying the property but may have other fraudulent intentions. Always insist on at least one in-person visit or a professional home inspection to ensure the buyer’s serious intent.
  • No Haggling Means Trouble. In a real estate transaction, some negotiation or haggling over the price is standard. If a cash buyer doesn’t attempt to negotiate the price and readily accepts your asking price (especially if it’s on the higher side of the market value), proceed with caution. This lack of negotiation could indicate that the buyer’s intention might not be to purchase the house at all. Fraudulent buyers may later attempt to change the terms, reduce the price significantly through various excuses, or pull out of the deal after tying up your property for some time, potentially costing you other legitimate offers.
  • No Proof of Funds. Before proceeding with a cash sale, it’s crucial to verify the buyer’s ability to complete the transaction. Ask for “proof of funds” from the buyer, which could come in the form of bank statements or a letter from their bank, confirming they have the necessary funds available. This step ensures that the buyer is financially capable of following through with the purchase without the need for financing. Some people skip this step or provide fraudulent documents, so verifying the authenticity of these documents with the issuing bank can provide an additional layer of security.

These are reasons why you must be PREPARED before you speak to a fast home buyer. Being WELL-INFORMED is your secret weapon! 

The fast home-buying sector in the US is unregulated. This is why they get away with setting the above (and many other) strategies. And there are some honest fast home buyers out there – we’ll show you exactly how to find them later in this report.

How Much Cash Will You REALLY Get for Your House?

How much cash will you get for your house?

We’ll give it to you straight: the chances of achieving a genuine cash sale are low UNLESS you reduce your asking price significantly. 

Now there are a few buyers that genuinely have cash on hand and can do a quick transaction if your home ticks all their boxes. But if you are not prepared with the questions they’ll ask you then your cash offer will be lower. Sometimes painfully low!

How low does it take? Be prepared and run through an online offer tool to get a first idea. You need to get into the mind of those cash buyers to predict what they might offer you BEFORE you contact them. A big advantage for you because you’ll be a step ahead!

Those online tools are very limited though: they’ll never give you a true value. Only a call from a fully vetted Hardy-approved cash buyer can do that. But it’s a first step and gets you started before the call.

Be honest about what your house is worth – the location, the condition it’s in, the speed with which you need to sell. That way you can be prepared and at least know WHY a cash buyer may have offered you less. 

There may be valid reasons why your home is worth less than market value and to know this you need to do a little research and be honest with yourself about your home and its pros and cons to a buyer.

Of course when we say that the only real way to know your house’s true market value is to get it appraised by a knowledgeable local investor, people sometimes get scared: won’t I get inundated with calls?

Well that can happen if you try to contact dubious websites or numbers randomly – but if you go through Home Sale Hardy we’ll find a buyer who KNOWS your local market and can give you a fair offer with just one call. Of course you can choose to reach out and find other offers but it’s important that you’re dealing with people you trust. Quality over quantity.

Let Hardy Assist You

Get Trusted Advice

If selling your home quickly and stress-free sounds right for you, contact us. Our service is all about linking you with reliable, local investors who know your neighborhood and are open to meeting in person. Click below to find out more.

How To Do Some Easy Research to Protect Yourself

Home Sale Hardy has also written some in-depth guides to help you, whatever your circumstances. 

And they are all independent and go really deep, providing contacts and links to non-profits that can give you free help. We are here to help and are constantly adding new content to help home sellers navigate the treacherous market of cash home buyers.

Before you get on the phone with a fast home buyer, please read the article that fits your situation.

Remember: information is power!

Make a cup of coffee, browse our website, do some research for a few minutes and you’ll feel empowered instead of feeling stressed.

The Call And YOUR Script

First of all, take the initiative! If you’ve made an appointment via our free OFFER FINDER then we’ll make sure you speak to a Hardy-approved partner with a legitimate business at least. 

They may not give you the offer you want but they’ll be honest we hope.

Make sure you are on time if you’ve pre-arranged a call. 

Otherwise, if they call you and leave a message, do get back to them if they are one of our vetted partners. Because they could genuinely help you. And if you have our checklist you’ll be well prepared.

This is not a moment to put your head in the sand. Get properly informed and take action.

Checklist to use with Fast Cash Home Buyers

This will depend a lot on the type of real estate and other factors specific to your situation.

We call this the 7 Golden Questions: 

  1. Do you do cash transactions and can they prove that they have cash in hand? (If they try to distract you just ask them to send you some form of proof). Also remember that some can offer you other solutions apart from cash sales e.g. online auctions – sometimes these are worth considering based on your circumstances. Especially the time you have before you need to sell
  2. If it’s not a cash purchase then how EXACTLY do they plan to sell your home for you? Why is it better for you than a realtor? Insist on an answer and don’t accept something vague. (Common answers may include ‘Auction’, ‘Our own agency listing’, etc. If it sounds like they’re being elusive then beware). Keep asking them for details.
  3. How many years have they been in business?
  4. How quickly will the transaction happen? Insist on a precise timeline. And ask if there are penalties for them being late.
  5. Can they promise that your offer won’t change through the process? And if they can’t then what factors might affect it? Insist on full transparency – you deserve it!
  6. Can they sign a guarantee that they won’t drop the price at the very last minute once they have given you a firm offer?
  7. Can you talk to one of their past customers? (This is optional but wefind it separates the legitimate companies from the shady ones).

Pro tip: Print these questions out or copy-paste the checklist and keep it by your side when you speak to a fast house buyer.

We hope this helps you!

Find The Right Partner for a Smooth and Safe Fast Home Sale

By using our OffeFinder, we’ll personally connect you with a verified company that might be able to help you.

We’ll hold your hand throughout the entire process and we’llfight for you to get the best possible offer. You only need to contact us and our support is free of charge.

We’ll minimise all inherent risks involved and lessen the bureaucracy. If you decide to use the Offer Finder, there’s no additional cost on your end.

We cover our overheads by charging our partners (and only the legitimate companies) a small referral fee, not you.

To begin the Offer Finder process we recommend you go through our QUIZ.

We’ll guide you through the entire process and help sell your house securely.

Let Hardy Assist You

Get Trusted Advice

If selling your home quickly and stress-free sounds right for you, contact us. Our service is all about linking you with reliable, local investors who know your neighborhood and are open to meeting in person. Click below to find out more.

Our goal is to assist as many individuals as we can, which led us to develop this detailed guide. If you’re considering selling your home, we’re here to support you.

We offer a service that connects you, at no cost, with one of our thoroughly screened and reputable partners based on your unique needs and situation.

To reach out to us: Click Here.

These partners specialize in facilitating house sales, ensuring you receive the most feasible and realistic offer for your home.

They handle all the legal details and associated costs, and the proceeds from the sale are directly deposited into your bank account. Our partners can accommodate a range of selling timelines, whether you’re looking for a swift sale or have more time to spare.

Generally, quicker sales might result in a lower price, but they also expedite the process.

Ultimately, the approach depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has served as a valuable tool in navigating what to avoid when selling to a cash home buyer, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction.

Our goal has been to equip you with comprehensive knowledge, helping you feel more prepared for any situation that may arise.

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